Pre-Meeting Services – Consulting and Planning

Meeting Planning – We are proud to say that we have two Certified Meeting Professionals on our team.  As a CMP, we have the credentials to manage or assist with site selection, menu planning, BEO management, contract review, hotel coordination, décor, scenic design and overall logistics coordination.

Registration Services – Remember the days of mailing out invitations and getting fax RSVP responses?  No more!  TRG has resources to manage your online registration process including attendee logistics, registration information and hotel rooming lists.

Theme Development – Theme and graphics can really set a tone for a meeting.  From PowerPoint templates to banners and signs, we develop graphics and produce banners and signage for your event to get your message across with polished or whimsical designs.

Digital Signage – We can carry through your theme and graphics in digital signage for your event with displays or interactive kiosks designed to provide information to your attendees.

Video Production – Custom produced videos are a powerful and effective form of communication.  Prior to the event, videos can prepare your attendees for the meeting and may be used throughout the meeting to demonstrate a concept, share a story or create excitement.

Custom Meeting Mobile Apps – Mobile apps can get your attendees excited and involved prior to the event.  From sessions schedules and registration, to interactive games and networking, mobile apps are an effective meeting tool.  Our team will custom design your app to fit your specific needs while branding with your meeting graphics and theme.

Room Diagrams and Planning – Understanding the meeting space and how attendees will experience the program is an important part of the planning process.  We create custom, detailed diagrams of the meeting space and the audio and visual equipment to provide optimum viewing and working space for all attendees.

On-Site Meeting Services – Production

Audio Visual Services – A/V production is one of the most important aspects of the meeting.  Our professional team will ensure the optimum gear is on your show and we will provide high quality audio visual support of your event.  We will recommend several different options for your meeting in order to meet your budget expectations.

General Session Production – TRG provides an experienced General Session or Plenary Session producer on each show.  The Producer is responsible for the General Session show flow, stage management, presenter instruction and coaching as well as music selections to meet the theme and tone of your event.

Breakout Room Management – If your meeting involves multiple breakouts, we will not only ensure the correct equipment is provided and operates seamlessly, we can also help with attendee rotation and flow and room assignments to ensure optimal use of the space assigned.   We offer breakout operators in the room or, if your presenters prefer, we can have “floaters” that do not remain in the room but check in periodically to resolve any questions or issues.

Social Media – Social Media applications allow attendees as well as those not able to attend on site, to connect with each other and share information, opinions and thoughts.  Using social media during sessions and throughout the meeting allows you to extend your reach.  We can set up Twitter feeds or Facebook events for your attendee’s participation.  We can even have the feeds appear on the General Session stage during the show for a great interactive experience!

Photography – Our professional photography services allow you to capture key moments from your meeting that can be posted online to share with attendees or used in marketing materials.

Video Production – Onsite filming of your event can be used to historically archive the great achievements and milestones for your company.  Another advantage of having onsite filming is the ability to show your presenters on the screens during their presentations so no matter how big your room is your attendees feel as if the speaker is addressing them personally.  Or for a great ending to your event, TRG can create a recap video that highlights your meeting’s key messages as well as fun attendee candids.

 Post-Meeting Services – Strategic Planning

Custom Video Post-Production – You put a lot of time and effort into devising the strategic outcome of your meeting as you craft your event content and messaging.  You can continue to get value from your meeting content through post-production video creation.  This is great for attendees to help retain the information as well as those that are unable to attend the meeting.  And you always know the intended message is being brought back to the team at home because it is being delivered straight from the presenter’s mouth.  We can provide digital files that can be posted right on your company’s intranet.

Interactive Learning – Development and training are an ongoing project.  Computer based, interactive learning modules allow individuals to learn at their own pace and gain the necessary knowledge to help improve performance.  We can help write and develop interactive learning modules that can be accessed from a computer or even a mobile device.

Attendee Evaluations – A post-meeting evaluation ensures that you made the right decisions for your attendees and that you are aware of what changes need to be made for your next event.  TRG can create and administer a post-meeting evaluation for you.  We will compile the results and send recommendations based on the answers.  Post-meeting evaluations are also part of the mobile meeting app that can be custom designed for your event.

Start planning for your next event – TRG is more than just a production company.  We are your meeting partner and to us, events are not a volume business.  Each one is unique and special.  We are proud of the fact that we don’t do one-off meeting with companies, rather we are the continued partner for all of our client’s needs.  Let’s start planning your next event!