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Especially at Hyatt!

TRG recently attended a luncheon at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress to learn more about Hyatt’s new program called “The Woman Experience.”

The program was based on customer research that Hyatt started in 2008 focusing on the needs of traveling women. Hyatt decided to take on this project based on the fact that 47-50% of travelers and 80% of meeting planners are women!

The program, which launched nationwide February 18th, focuses on the traveling female’s wish list including improved amenities, momentum not stopped on healthy programs in place at home, providing a safe environment and increasing the perception of room cleanliness.

Hyatt has created a differentiated experience catering to women by addressing:


10% of total hotel rooms are coded for women traveling alone.  The rooms are away from the end of the hallway, have no connecting doors and are not near an elevator or stairwell.  Hyatt also will have private delivery service which includes calling down to the operator to request items and then the items are left in a bag on the door with a knock so women don’t have to feel uncomfortable about opening the door.

Improved Amenities

  • Smaller robes/slippers
  • Lighted makeup mirrors
  • Bath canister with vanity kit
  • Satin hangers

Check out this Hyatt Klepto YouTube video announcing the program:

New Healthy Balance Menu

This new menu was created to help women eat as healthy on the road as they can in their own home with the items featuring smaller portions, lower calorie options, create your own meals and fresh juices and smoothies.


Hyatt has switched to all white linen which gives a more sterile, clean feel to the room and removes the perception of the bedspread or pillows hiding dirt.  Everything – from sheets to covers – is changed between guests.

I really love their new Convenience Collection.   They now have more items on hand if you forgot them at home as well as items you can borrow (or keep if you decide to pack it and keep it).  I’m sure we’ve all wished these were available without leaving your room!

To Keep:

(In addition to the usual items)

  • Lint mitt
  • Make-up remover wipes
  • Nail polish remover wipes
  • Women’s razor
  • Women’s shaving cream
  • Sewing kit
  • Tea package
  • Wine opener (how I wish I had this option when I used the rental car key and a coffee stirrer to get the cork out of my wine bottle in my hotel room the last time I was in LA!)
  • Woolite

To borrow or buy:

  • Phone/computer charger
  • Curling or flat iron
  • Free weights in different sizes
  • Steamer
  • Tea Kettle
  • Yoga Mat

Although the program is marketed as a Women’s Experience, men are also welcome to enjoy these new features at any Hyatt hotel.

TRG is excited to share this new program with our clients.  It may not be the deciding factor when doing a site selection but it will definitely be a nice perk for attendees to enjoy while at an event!

More information about these new features can be found at