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Parkinson’s disease is painful, debilitating disease with no known cure.  Parkinson’s disease brings to mind the muscle tremors, shaking hands and arms, but there is more than that.  Parkinson’s disease is a motor systems disorder which is the result of a loss of dopamine producing brain cells.  There are four primary symptoms of Parkinson’s disease including, trembling hands, arms, legs, jaw and face; rigidity of limbs; slowness of movement and impaired balance.  Parkinson’s is difficult to diagnose, symptoms can begin slowly and take years to develop.  Patients often suffer with Parkinson’s for many years as the disease progresses.

While there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease, there are medications to provide relief from the symptoms.

Why are we writing about Parkinson’s disease?

TRG Teammates had the privilege of being part of the production for a new client of ours, Medical Leverage.  During the event we heard stories of the daily struggles of patients dealing the effects of Parkinson’s disease.  We also had the amazing opportunity to meet a patient and her caregiver daughter who shared their personal stories of daily life with Parkinson’s disease.

TRG has several clients in the healthcare field, but this event touched our hearts.  We all learned so much about the disease and the impact on the lives of patients and care givers.  We all love what we do in the event production field, but there are times like these that provide a deeper joy for what we do.  When we can be a part of something that provides a positive impact on so many lives.

To learn more about Parkinson’s disease and how you can make a difference go to the National Parkinson’s Foundation