Table Rock Group

TRG formed 3 years ago with Jay and Tracy Hawkins.  At the beginning, Jay and Tracy knew that success would depend on relationships and working with great people.  TRG asked, good friend, colleague and one of the best producers we know, Amy Darbyshire, to join us.  Thankfully, Amy decided to take a leap of faith and join us at TRG.

Over the past three years, TRG has done great work with and for our partners.  One year after we started, TRG changed their name from TRG Meeting Productions to TRG Meeting Partners.  The word Partner has always been significant to us.  We believe that we work together with our clients to create successful meetings as well as great videos to help communicate their message.

Today that word, Partner has even more meaning for TRG.  Amy Darbyshire has gone from teammate to partner by becoming a part owner in TRG!

All of us at TRG are so excited about where we are now and where we are going.  Congratulations to Amy and to TRG on this Partnership!