Table Rock Group

When our client, SCA was preparing for their Annual Leadership Meeting, we knew it was an opportunity to bring in new technology throughout the event.  SCA requested a new set design for their General Session that could work throughout the entire program, including activities such as their Game Night and a Military Tribute.

TRG used 18,000 lumen projectors and 11’ x 20’ side screens along with the 7’ x 11’ center screen to project custom designed graphics, videos produced by TRG and special animated graphics to enhance specific sessions, such as their Night of Honor and Military Tribute.  For the Night of Honor, TRG created an animated graphic featuring twinkling lights, in colors to match the table décor for the evening.  The FormSet backdrop that framed the center screen was also lit in coordinating colors to create an overall stunning and memorable effect.

For the Military Tribute, TRG used the center screen of the set to project a waiving flag graphic while the set was lit in all American colors.

To further enhance the overall event, TRG used other exciting technology as well, including two robotic, remotely controlled cameras.  The robo-cams were placed on either side of the stage and directed towards the audience and were operated from behind stage by our robo-cam operator.  The cameras were used to project award winners as they walked towards the stage during the Night of Honor, as well as audience members during Q&A sessions and during the Olympic Opening ceremony as the flag bearers approached the stage.

Lights, cameras, sets, screens and projectors are an important part of any event, but the thing that really makes an event spectacular are the engineers and technicians.  The TRG crew is an amazing team of professionals that bring life to the event through music, set designs, lighting effects, graphics and videos.