Table Rock Group

Producing events can be an exciting, challenging job that changes daily.  Most of what the attendees experience: colorful lights, fun music, entertaining and educational videos make an event memorable.  In order to make that happen though, quite a bit of work goes on “behind the scenes.”

Over the last few years, we have shared some of what goes into planning and producing an event such as site visits, room diagrams and video production.  We love to pull back the curtain and reveal various aspects of the work that we love.

One crucial part of the process that doesn’t get as much attention is planning and preparing for event safety.

Accidents happen.  Yes, we all know this and in the event business there are any number of things that could happen.  We take this very seriously at TRG and consider the safety and welfare of all attendees and crew to be of utmost importance.

The Event Safety Alliance is a non-profit organization committed to improving all aspects of safety for live events.  From severe weather situations, fire safety and medical crisis, to improving safety procedures for event crew.

The Event Safety Guide developed by the Event Safety Alliance, provides real world guidelines for maintaining a safe environment for all attendees, the general public and the crew.

At TRG we are proud to have adapted the Event Safety Guide for our own teammates.