Table Rock Group

We are often asked about using an in-house production company versus our independent production services.  Making the choice can have a big impact on the meeting budget as well as experience.  While using the in-house production company may at first seem to be the expedient choice, there are many benefits to working with an independent production company, like TRG.

Surgical Care Affiliates 2016 Annual Leadership Meeting at the Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas, NV.

In-house production companies are required to charge a service which can range from 22 – 26% of your total cost.  This fee goes directly back to the hotel and has no value to the client or the production.  Comparatively, each line item on the budget from TRG is a tangible piece of equipment or service that we provide directly to your event.

TRG teammates and many of our freelance partners have been associated with our company and worked consistently with our clients for at least five years, and many for up to fifteen years.  Our clients see the same team on their events in every location, time and again.  Our clients know they can count on our team no matter where the meeting takes place.  Alternatively, in-house production companies can experience more frequent turn-over and the client may have no knowledge of the experience level of any given technician.

Consistent, experienced production teams at every event, in every location is a great benefit to our clients.  Working with in-house production companies means the client needs to “reinvent the wheel” for every event, even if it is an annual event with the same program every year.

TRG also provides “one-stop shop” services for our client’s events: from audio-visual to video production and photography to hotel coordination.  TRG also provides other event services such as site surveys, space diagrams, hotel contracting, registration management and theme development.

At the end of the event, the in-house production company has finished their job, while TRG is starting on post-production actions.  Post-production action items including posting still photos for review, a recap video for distribution to attendees and a post debrief with the TRG crew leads to determine ways to improve for the next program.

In all, a relationship with an independent production company like TRG can provide long term, consistent high levels of service resulting in a consistently great experience for all attendees, regardless of location, again and again.