Table Rock Group

Vendor exhibits are a standard part of many company meetings, providing an opportunity for vendors to share their latest products and programs while generating funds for the host organization through exhibitor fees.

Frequently the image that comes to mind for a vendor exhibit is an open area with 10’ x 10’ booths lining the perimeter and larger premier spaces filling the center of the space.  Attendees walk down the aisles and stop briefly at a few booths.   But what if it could be different?

TRG was recently challenged to shake up the status quo and create an exhibitor space that allowed for more interaction, more open space without drapes or walls dividing the exhibitors and plenty of opportunity to network, socialize and most importantly, stay and mingle with the exhibitors.

By knocking down walls, drapes, and a few long-held beliefs of what an exhibitor space must look like, TRG was able to create an open inviting space that worked for everyone.

The space maintained some of the traditional features such as 10’ x 10’ spaces around the perimeter, but the center of the space was wide open without aisles, drapes or obstructions that blocked views or traffic flow throughout the space.  Food and beverage stations as well as high boys, bar height tables with stools, and soft seating groupings were also spread throughout the space allowing for more interaction and networking.

Lighting, video projection on the walls and music helped to set a tone for the space and reinforce the relaxed networking environment.

Overall the space was a great success!  Exhibitors were initially hesitant about the space but ultimately liked the increased interaction with the attendees.  The host organization was pleased with the atmosphere and acceptance of the exhibitors.