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Daytime Sessions to Evening Extravaganzas

Your attendees have been sitting in the General Session room all day long listening to speakers present from the stage.  Of course, they were paying attention to the content (we hope) but they’re also letting their eyes wander around the room taking in the boring details of just about any hotel or convention center ballroom in North America.

Everyone takes a couple of hours for free time and for the hotel to do the room turn for awards night.  What can you do to make the room look and feel different when your attendees return?  Here are a couple of examples of how TRG worked with our clients to transform their ballroom from General Session to Awards night.

Sheers are a great way to mask walls and create a totally different feeling to the room.  Hourglass configurations break up the pattern and add dimension.    At our client’s annual meeting in Las Vegas, the stage was too small for the DJ to be unobtrusive during the awards presentation.  TRG set up a separate area off to the side against the wall draped in sheers for dancing after the awards ceremony. The DJ was connected to our video system for fun music videos to play during the party. 

In Dallas, our client took the transformation one step further.  In addition to adding the sheers and uplights, they scheduled their dinner in another location and turned the General Session seating from crescent rounds to theater seating to give an awards night feel.

Adding sheers with several hourglass formations and uplights is an inexpensive way to transform your ballroom.

Do you want to invest in a more dramatic and unique transformation?

For our client’s award dinner in Denver, lighting was used to transform the ballroom while the décor created a rustic, elegant theme.  Leaf gobos were used in various colors to create the feeling that you were walking into am enchanted forest.  Round tables were replaced with wooden communal tables set for family style dining.  The tables were decorated with micro lights, antlers, candles and plants local to the area.  The overall look was stunning and memorable.

These are just a couple of ideas for transforming your general session space from daytime sessions to evening extravaganzas. Let us help you transforming your next general session.

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