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A presenter walks on stage, the audience is eager to hear the message, but the speaker’s soft voice does not carry to the back of the room, leaving attendees disappointed and frustrated. 

Here at TRG we value clear, consistent communication and we want to help you communicate effectively at your gathering.  This is why we use the latest technology in sound to help you create a memorable and meaningful meeting.

It is important every attendee gets a similar experience no matter if they are sitting at the front table or in the back row which is why we use microphones and speakers.  Our skilled team using our cutting-edge equipment provides you the best way to achieve reliable and quality communication worry free. 

When speaking from the stage there are several options; handheld, podium, or lavalier (lapel) microphones.  A wireless lavalier microphone allows the presenter to be; expressive, charismatic, and hands-free.  A handheld is easy to grab and go when someone goes on stage quickly, however the speaker must make sure to hold the microphone properly to pick up their voice.  A podium style microphone is great for fixed location presentations with one or multiple presenters when individual mics aren’t accessible like awards nights or panels.

Audience comments and Q&A are an important part of any meeting, but if the rest of the audience cannot hear the question, the experience can be more challenging than rewarding.  Microphone runners who monitor the audience and provide a handheld microphone to the questioner helps ensure all questions are heard.  Catchbox engagement microphones offer a fun way to toss a microphone to a questioner.  In addition to the live presentation, the use of microphones allows us the capability of capturing the sound of your event for remote streaming and meeting recap videos.


Along with microphones, we use high quality loud speakers thoughtfully placed to provide a consistent sound across the room without having to worry if it’s too loud up front or too quiet in the back or infringing upon the look and feel of your meeting.  Having a quality sound system also gives you a way to communicate with music, sound for video, and even audible alerts such as reminders the meeting is resuming. 

When the lights come up and it’s time to begin your meeting, every nuance of your message getting to your audience in a coherent and dynamic manner is what you need and what we do at TRG.  Let’s create the meeting you’ve been waiting for.

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