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Once you have signed a contract with your venue and your meeting dates approach, your Convention Services Manager will need to know additional information about your AV Production logistics.  TRG will take care of providing all this information to aid in a smooth and seamless event.

One of the most important pieces of information that needs to be communicated is the production schedule.  The venue will need to know when your production company is planning to set-up the audio-visual equipment and when they will be fully clear of the room after the meeting ends.   TRG always requests that a room be “clean and clear” when loading in except for a few specific items.  This ensures that there is enough room to push the gear into the room and gives plenty of room to assemble the projection screens.  The venue also needs this schedule because their loading dock may need to be specifically booked for any deliveries or pick-ups related to AV such as drape and stage greenery.  As part of our production schedule, TRG also requests assistance from the venue banquets team at the start of the strike to clear the attendee tables and chairs as quickly as possible to allow the production crew to move around the room easily and to drop the projection screens.

The venue should be provided with an estimate on when banquets can drop the attendee tables and chairs after the AV is set up so they can plan their staffing around this time.  We request that the table/chair drop is cleared with us before they start just to make sure there haven’t been any delays.  Nothing is worse that banquets setting up tables right underneath the truss that the scissor lift needs to access!

A diagram for each room is provided to the venue so the desired numbers of attendee tables are placed with the correct seating arrangement.   The diagram also ensures the requested stage and tech risers are dropped in the correct location.  A detailed diagram will include the distance from the wall to your risers and the riser dimensions including length, width and height.  Your stage, stage podium (if provided by the venue), your tech riser and tech riser tables and chairs should always be dropped prior to load in so equipment can be set-up in their correct and final positions.

Additional items that should be communicated to your CSM include:

  • A venue may require that a certificate of insurance or COI be issued as for your production company as an outside vendor.  This lets the venue know that the production company has adequate insurance coverage in case of an incident.
  • The CSM will want to know that the load in schedule, as well as any internet or power needs are being coordinated with the appropriate inhouse department. 
  • TRG requests room temperature bottled water or water pitcher refreshes as appropriate, so our presenters have water on the stage.
  • Prior to load in as part of our coordination, TRG also reviews all the BEO’s provided by the venue to ensure that the schedules and details for each room are complete and correct.

Partner with TRG to ensure all your production logistics are flawless.

Be the hero of your next corporate meeting.

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