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After a full day of General Session and breakouts, attendees are ready to relax and mingle. Evenings are a great time to spark networking, team building, and continue to enforce company values through fun and entertainment.

Keep your attendees together and networking with a few of these activities.

Carnival Night

Who doesn’t love carnival games and food? Walking around and playing carnival games and enjoying fun carnival foods can spark a joyful atmosphere that gets attendees talking, laughing, and having fun while reliving some childhood joy.

Our client, National Veterinary Associates, recently held an indoor/outdoor carnival at their event featuring classic carnival games, fun carnival foods including cotton candy, corn dogs, pretzels, and popcorn. Attendees also participated in a fun costume contest adding more to the fun! 

The activities allowed for networking and connecting with teammates in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Arcade Night

Giant Pac-Man, Life-size Operation game, Air Hockey, Photobooths, and more! Arcade night is an excellent option for evening events when going outside is not an option. Large oversized games allow spectators to join in the action, cheering on their friends and colleagues to get that high score. Interactive games like air hockey allow people to mingle and meet new people while having fun and friendly competition.

Adding fun snacks and signature drinks get attendees into the spirit of fun.


No need to hire professional entertainment! Working with the talent within your organization can get attendees excited to see their friends and teammates on stage. Here are just a few ideas for evening entertainment:

Lip Sync Battles – As individuals or teams can select a song in advance, work out costumes and parts. The planning and preparation get attendees excited about the event and talking to each other. The anticipation of seeing each other perform on stage draws attendees into the event.

Karaoke Competition – Open to all and no pre-planning necessary. This can be spontaneous, or attendees may sign up and select a song in advance. Get the crowd cheering for the team, and singing along with the performers.

Skit Night – Performed live or videotaped in advance, the options for this are endless! Scripts and performances can be tied to a company value or theme. Skits nights can be simply for fun or competition.

There is no need for your attendees to wonder how they will spend their evening at your next event. Let TRG help make your ideas a reality.

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