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A keynote speaker’s presentation can have a significant impact on your attendees   It can also have a significant impact on your budget!   Your production team is accountable for making sure that the keynote presentation is successful and that both your stakeholders and the keynote are happy with the results. 

TRG has years of experience, working with hundreds of keynote speakers.  Most keynotes will provide you with a rider about what they require for their presentation.  It can include audio-visual needs, food, and beverage preferences and requests such as a room for use prior to their presentation so they can meditate and prepare themselves to speak.

Some keynotes have unique requests that TRG can accommodate.  

One of our favorite speakers that we have worked with multiple times for various clients is Captain Charlie Plumb.   Captain Plumb requires a box of light be “created” on the stage while the rest of the room is plunged in total darkness to recreate the 8’ x 8’ cell he was held in as a Prisoner of War in Viet Nam.  This dramatic entrance sets the tone and mood for the presentation.  No one is immune from his powerful story. 

Allison Massari is another keynote we have had the pleasure of working with at multiple events.  Allison is “purposefully quiet” which is a challenge on the audio side but TRG was able to achieve a balance between her soft tones and her voice being audible.  This audio level mesmerizes the audience.  You can hear a pin drop while she is speaking.  Although the audience needs to feel like they are in an intimate setting in a large venue, Allison’s focus is on the images she uses to tell her story.  TRG set up the video feed in this large theater to balance both of those projections with iMag on the sides screens and Allison’s incredible artwork in the center.

Other keynote needs may be much simpler – such as flip charts on the stage or setting up the room in crescent theater-style in order to maximize the interaction with the audience.  TRG has even accommodated keynote presenters bringing animals on stage!

From extraordinary athletes to authors.  From magicians to military heroes.  Partner with TRG to ensure your keynote presentations are successful.

Be the hero of your next corporate meeting.

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