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Approximately 65% of the population are visual learners (   This means that as your attendees are listening to your presenters and watching their slides advance at a rapid rate, they may not be absorbing all the information.   A graphic recorder provides a different way to visualize your meeting content.

A graphic recorder creates artwork from your presenter’s content.  These visual concepts remain a permanent part of your meeting so as your attendees look at the boards or even take photos, they now have images of the key messages to help them learn and retain the information.

The graphic recorder can be set off to the side during the General Session or Breakout Sessions, so they aren’t intrusive during the presentation.  Make sure your graphic recorder has adequate light to work especially when you turn the house lights down for the session.  Our lighting designer put a diffused spotlight on the area that could be used as needed.

After the sessions are over the boards can be arranged artistically in the hallways so the attendees can walk around them and review the content was covered.    Have your photographer take photos of the boards before the end of the event to keep on file.  These digitals images can be used at future events or as a reference to the content that was provided.  You may want to find a way to display the boards in your corporate office as a historical reminder of the event’s key achievements.  The boards also make a great gift for your speakers to commemorate their participation and contribution to your event!

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