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TRG is making the most of this time before jumping back into our “old normal” of onsite meetings.  We have several events scheduled for the end of August through the remainder of the year that we are hopeful will remain on track as our world recovers from the pandemic.  In addition to focusing on the pre-production logistics for our upcoming events, we are using this opportunity to take advantage of the numerous online educational opportunities available.

Tracy and Amy both hold the designation of Certified Meeting Professional (CMP).  Continuing Education (CE) credits are required during each five-year recertification period in order to maintain this accreditation.  Tracy’s CMP is up for renewal at the end of 2020.  She has completed all her CE credits and is in the process of applying for her recertification.  Amy’s next renewal period isn’t until the beginning of 2023 but since she is not onsite for any events this spring, this is a great time to not only gain CE credits but also to learn more about how the industry is dealing with and planning the recovery from the coronavirus impact.

TRG is participating in a virtual coronavirus series over the next two months that is sponsored by Meeting Planners International (MPI). Among the topics are:

  • How to create videos & content that are needed when your audience is anxious & overwhelmed
  • Space to Re-think: Taking back control of COVID19 and Revenue Generation
  • Cyber Security & Events: More Important than Ever
  • Is it Force Majeure?  Dealing with Coronavirus and other Calamities in your contracts
  • Event Risk Management in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Meeting Executive Re-Think Tank on Lessons Learned & Continued Impact

Amy has also participated in a seminar dealing with transitioning your live event to an engaging virtual experience.  There are a lot of great ideas about engaging your attendees that can be used remotely or in person that include polling and gamification.

We’re excited to share this new information with our clients as we continue to partner together to create amazing experiences for our attendees.

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