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2020 started off with a very busy calendar of events, taking our teammates and gear back and forth across the country.  In preparation for our anticipated meeting season, TRG made significant investments in equipment and tools.  In this quiet time, TRG is making good use of our time continuing our technical education and organizing gear and tools.  Here are a few of the things we are working on:


Music is such an important part of every event.  It sets the mood by boosting energy for walk-in and out, helping attendees focus and filter out background noise during table exercises and of course signature walk-up music for each presenter.  TRG is putting together new playlists for networking, walk-in/out, table exercises and meal rooms.  We are excited to share new music with all our clients when we return to live events.

A/V Equipment Organization

TRG is looking at how we organize our equipment and thoughtfully planning by creating kits to roll in for each department such as audio, lighting, video, and breakouts.  Our new organization system will allow for a more efficient set-up and speedy load-out.

Technical Education

Earlier this year, Tristan completed his Dante Certification which uses networking technology to connect our audio systems.  Both Tristan and Jay are taking this time to continue their technical education through on-line courses on audio system design, best practices for frequency management and looking into new technology for networking all our systems.

Virtual Events

TRG has worked with our clients for some time to stream all or portions of their events to a remote audience.  During the Coronavirus situation, there has been more discussion and thoughts of hybrid live/virtual events and fully virtual events.  There are so many ways to not only deliver content but also drive engagement and interaction among attendees.  TRG is investing time and energy into researching and understanding available technology to deliver virtual solutions for our clients. 

Just as with live events, every virtual and hybrid event is unique.  TRG is building strategies and plans to help our clients determine the best solution and to implement those plans.  We will be reaching out to our clients to share various options for adding virtual options to your live event or creating fully virtual events.

We are looking forward to seeing all our partners and helping make your next event your best event.

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