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As our world struggles to establish the new normal for meeting and events TRG is focused on alternative options to bring your company’s important messages and content to your teams.

Your Content

TRG produces virtual events much in the same way as we produce a live event.  We work with you to determine your content, the best way to organize it and the execution of the materials through slides, video, and music.   In addition to the AV event logistics, TRG will work with you from the beginning of the virtual process to determine your content and meeting deliverables.  These preproduction essentials pave the way for your messages to be effective and meaningful.

The most important first step is to establish the “why” for the meeting.  Much the same as a live event, your attendees need to buy into why they are dedicating their time to attend your event.   Likewise, it is important to develop the overall show flow for the event for all specifics – from the presentation and break timing to media such as music and pre-recorded content or videos. 

Your virtual event should include interactive sessions that include polls and chats.  This content needs to be determined in advance and added to your show flow in the appropriate places to add value to the discussion and to keep your attendees interested and engaged.

TRG also works with your virtual presenters to help them be their best.  We provide them with basic tips and dedicated technical experts to walk them through the process.  TRG technicians will ensure your presenters are using the most appropriate gear such as microphones and headphones as well as coaching on placement of the gear and lighting.  We can recommend the AV gear that can be purchased through common website channel or we can ship professional quality equipment that will bring your virtual even to the next level.

Types of Virtual Events

A hybrid meeting is one where there are attendees onsite at your venue and there is also a virtual audience.  Hybrid meetings are ideal if an onsite experience is still the preference, but some attendees feel uncomfortable traveling to and attending the live event but still want to participate.  We use the cameras in the room to bring the meeting to virtual attendees while still having an onsite meeting.  Our cameras capture what’s going on in your venue and provide a “room” that virtual attendees can log into to feel like they are there.  They can ask questions and chat with other virtual attendees.  Presenters can be speaking from the mainstage or can call in from their home office. 

A full remote event is one where there is no live event and all participants are connecting through the virtual room that TRG has created. 

With either option, TRG will manage the virtual stream to include the presenters, their graphics, and any other pre-recorded content.

Your Virtual Sessions

The General Session or Plenary Session is the main form for your attendees.  TRG can host up to eight virtual presenters at a time.  Those that are not presenting at the current time are “waiting in a green room” to be called to the screen to present.  Our producer can communicate with the presenter to keep them apprised of the timing and when they are going live.

Multiple presenters can be “on-screen” at the same time for panel discussions and Q&A.   Attendees can submit questions via the chat room.  A moderator can ask the panel the question and direct who will respond so the panelist each have an opportunity to speak individually.  If the event is a hybrid event with attendees in the room, both live questions from the audience and virtual questions can be submitted through a moderator.

TRG can also produce virtual breakout sessions.  Different links are set up for your attendees to choose the session they would like to attend.  These sessions can happen concurrently and there will be a TRG producer assigned to manage each session.  There is a live stream for each breakout session with content including the presenter, their graphics, and any pre-recorded content and videos.

Behind the Scenes

TRG will be responsible for the pre-production coordination of all virtual accessibility and presenter preparation.   Once the show flow has been established, TRG ensures seamless execution of the content presented virtually to the remote event.  We manage your presenter feed, graphics coordination, video, and music playback. We work with presenters that are not tech-savvy to feel comfortable with their set-up, gear, and presentation so they can focus on the content.

Sponsorship Opportunities

A virtual event doesn’t mean you have to lose all the revenue that you previously would collect from a vendor for your live meeting Exhibit Hall.  Here are some ways you can promote vendor sponsorship:

  • Banners on the screen during presentations
  • Video Commercials provided or produced to play between sessions
  • Exhibitor chat rooms that are managed by your vendor

Session Recording and Posting

TRG will record all virtual general session and breakout sessions.  These recordings include everything you see on the screen – both the presenter and their content slides.  These videos can be posted on your intranet site for access by company employees after the sessions are completed.

TRG can also provide a summary recap videos of your event to capture the main points and messages.  Or the recap video can be a fun, motivating, inspiring montage that inspires your attendees to attend your next virtual or live event!

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