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TRG friend and colleague, Joddie Walker, MSc., RP, CTTS, CTP-Clinical D.A.A.E.T.S., Registered Psychotherapist, will be a presenter for the annual Crimes Against Children Conference this year.  As with most every conference happening in 2020, the Crimes Against Children Conference will be a virtual event.  Joddie’s presentation tells the inspiring story of dedicated professionals’ persistent work to bring a perpetrator to justice.

Most presentations provided for the virtual event are just audio recordings to slides.  TRG was able to work with Joddie remotely using technology and tools designed for virtual presentations to create her presentation.  Her submission to the conference is reflective of a live presentation with video of Joddie interspersed with her presentation graphics. 

With guidance from TRG, Joddie set up her presentation space where she works in Toronto, Canada.  At the TRG Home Office in Pennsylvania, Technical Director Jay Hawkins managed the remote programming and recording while TRG Producer, Amy Darbyshire connected from her location in Florida to direct the session. Before the filming started, we went through the set-up and testing of her webcam, slide advancer, and microphone as well as assessing the layout and lighting of the room to have the best backdrop for the filming.  The slide file was on the computer in Pennsylvania where it was shared with Joddie via the internet connection.

Our rehearsal included going through the presentation deck slide by slide to determine when Joddie should be full screen, when the slides should be full screen or when the images should be set-up as a PIP or picture in picture.  Most of the video was configured as a PIP similar to a live event, but when Joddie was telling her courageous story only her image was on the screen, so the focus was on her with no distractions.

TRG was proud to work with Joddie to film and produce her presentation. We are privileged to be a part of telling this story of bravery and resilience to the teams of professionals who help prevent crimes against children every day.

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