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Virtual events have been filling the TRG calendar with three back to back events in September and more in October.  There are many ways to produce a virtual event and TRG customizes them each to best meet our client’s needs.

One partner chose a mix of live and pre-recorded presentations followed by audience Q&A and breakout sessions.  Another partner’s virtual event was two days of all live presentations to provide the most up-to-date content to their attendees. 

Landmark Health September 2020 – Behind the Scenes

Our upcoming event in October will feature seventy pre-recorded presentations!  For this event, TRG put together filming kits which included a microphone, camera, tripod, lights, and a green screen.  TRG scheduled remote filming sessions with fourteen presenters that were based all over the country and two days of on-site filming with the remaining presenters from the company’s headquarters.   Green screens allowed TRG to create custom, uniform backgrounds to reinforce company branding and create a professional consistent look for each presentation.

Remote filming in TRG office

Gatherings and meetings are so important to drive culture, share information, build relationships, and collaborate.  The meetings and events industry is working to innovate and find ways to return to live events while making virtual events compelling and engaging.  This month we are sharing information on returning to live events and tips for remote presenters.

Whether you are planning a virtual event, considering a return to an in-person meeting, or a hybrid event (which combines the best of both structures), TRG has the experience and resources to help you make the most of your event!

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