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Radiology Partners has been bringing together their Leadership team for a Summit every eight months for the past ten years.  The Summit is a time to connect with teammates, focus on the future, reinforce company culture and values, and to honor success with the Partner Elevation and Value Awards Dinner.  PLS also serves as a time to reinforce the concept that Radiology Partners is not just a company, it is a Practice.

Radiology Partner attendees arrived at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas on a Thursday afternoon.  A welcome reception kicked off the event, allowing attendees to network, socialize and turn their focus to the Leadership Summit.

Friday morning the Summit began with the General Session. As attendees entered the ballroom, they experienced a stunning and visually impactful General Session set surrounding the main stage.  A 12’ x 36’ Center Screen featured images of the company logo, theme graphics and an animated display of the practice values with their definitions.  Two 11’ x 20’ side screens were used to display live images of presenters on stage and graphics of their presentations.  Banners flanked each of the side screens to display the company’s Mission and Values.

Friday afternoon attendees spent time at vendor exhibits during lunch and participated in team building activities.

The first day of the Summit concluded with a Partners Award Dinner, where physicians were recognized for achieving partnership in the Practice.   This special event was given a new and unique look on the center screen with an elegant evening look as well as a distinctive lighting design to set the tone of the evening.   Four partners were honored for their dedication toward living the practice values with service, excellence and integrity awards.  As each award was presented, the center screen displayed the Value Award being presented with the definition of the Value to reinforce this special achievement.

The Practice Leadership Summit continued the following day with more General Session content, including a fun Jeopardy game about the practice, followed by three rounds of breakout sessions. The session concluded with reflections about the event and a Town Hall.

For Partners unable to attend the Practice Leadership Summit, TRG worked with Radiology Partners to stream the General Session content to remote viewers.  Using three separate cameras in the General Session, TRG captured on stage presenters and audience questions, allowing viewers of the streaming content to view presentation graphics, live presenters and the audience.  Streaming is a great way to reach additional teammates who are unable to attend an event in person.

The Radiology Partners Practice Leadership Summit was a great success for the attendees in Las Vegas as well as streaming participants!